New website for Caratoots

Welcome to the new website of Kennel Caratoots!

Already back in 1997, Kennel Caratoots launched its first website – one of the first websites in Sweden dedicated to our wonderful breed of Papillons. Since then we have had 236 000 visitors poping by to surf through our website. During the last 19 years, the design of our website has changed six times due to technological development. It is now time again for us to take another leap into new ways of publishing our site. The new website is responsive to the hardware you are surfing from, meaning that the website adapts its layout depending on if you are surfing from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Some features like the guestbook, link page etc has disappeared due to alternative forums such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. On the other hand the core pages of kennel information, news, dog galleries and breed information are still here, and due to that we have made the site easier to maintain, you will hopefully see more frequent updates.

As we have to edit all pictures to fit the new website and the site contains approximately 1 700 pictures, it will take a little while before all picture galleries are complete. We apologize for this, and hope you will come back to find new pictures added in the meantime.

Please enjoy the new website and our dogs!