SKK Högbo 2012-08-31

The Swedish Kennel Club International show in Högbo on August 31, 2012 was judged by Mr Wayne Burton, Australia.

These are the results of Kennel Caratoots:

Ch. Caratoots Complete Coronation – BOS, R-Cacib
Ch. Caratoots Classic Commander – 2nd Best Male, BOB Veteran, BIS-1 Veteran
Caratoots Courageous Commander – 3rd Best Male, CAC, R-Cacib

Ch. Caratoots Complete Collection – 2nd Best Bitch, R-Cacib

Kennel Caratoots – Best Breeders Group, BIS-3

What a wonderful day, despite the pouring rain! Ch. Caratoots Classic Commander (‘Kevin’) became BIS-1 Veteran; his 8th BIS-veteran placement (of which 6 are BIS-1 Veteran). We are especially proud as this was an ‘all breed, all groups’-show with almost 2.800 dogs entered. Our intermediate male Caratoots Courageous Commander (‘Milton II’) got his 22nd CAC, all of them awarded to him during the last 12 months. The Caratoots Breeders Group became BIS-3, while competing against 27 other breeds in the Finals. Boy are we going to sleep good tonight!

As this was the first day of a three days international dog show in Högbo, we will now repack, get some sleep and then go for it again tomorrow! Wish us luck!