Agility & game tracking achievements

We are proud to let you know that Caratoots Complete Checkmate, also called Dennis, has made yet some achievements towards his championship titles in agility and game tracking.

At the Bollnäs BK he came 2nd in a jumper class with no faults, and got his 1st jumpers certificate by judge Ms Gunilla Christensen. There were 21 starting dogs in his class. To get to the Swedish Championship games one needs to have 4 certificates in jumpers class and 4 in agility class.

Just a few days after Bollnäs, Dennis got the 1st price in open class game tracking at the competition in Alnön Sundsvall (Svenska Bassetklubben, nord östra). The tracking was judged by Mr Bengt Olsson. To become a game tracking champion one needs 3 1st prices, of which one is achieved at an ordinary test (in time pre-defined and pre-entered test). This was a variable test, i.e. one calls the judge and decide on a suitable time. Helga Westerlind, the owner of Dennis, was perticularly proud of this achievement as the weather conditions were not very favourable (rain and wind making the tracking difficult).

We send our warmest congratulations to Helga and Dennis for these great achivements!