PRA examination without remarks

This week our dogs had their yearly ophthalmoscopic examination, once again by one of the best ophthamology veterinarians in Sweden – Mrs Eva Hertil. All dogs passed their PRA examination without remarks.

The examination is only done by veterinary specialists, and when the dog has reached the age of at least one year. The purpose of an ophthalmoscopic examination is to show whether a dog is affected or not with PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), that is progressive withering of the retina. The disorder, found in many different dog breeds, is hereditary and slowly makes the dogs almost or completely blind. Since health certificates regarding PRA (ophthalmoscopic examinations) only are valid for one year, a dog used in breeding should be examined several times during its lifetime and especially before mating.

We believe that as a serious breeder one should check all ones dogs, also those not used in breeding anymore, as you usually have offspring or other relatives used in breeding.