Christmas litter of five!

The Christmas holidays have now passed, and they brought both good and less fortunate news.

The good ones are that on December 26 Caratoots Classic Cameron gave birth to five gorgeous puppies. Even though it was her first litter, she new exactly what to do and now is the best of mothers. The litter sired by Caratoots Checkpoint Charlie, consists of two handsome boys and three cute girls. They are all of good health and look great. You can see more of the litter on the page ‘For Sale’ – ‘Dogs for sale’.

The less fortunate news are that we were expecting yet another litter from our top winning bitch Ch. Caratoots Classic Confidence, mated with Bijhoffs Romeo. On Christmas Eve she gave birth to six puppies, but unfortunately due to an infection none of them survived the first 24 hours, this despite all possible efforts made. The mother is doing fine, altough she is still a bit upset of losing her litter of puppies.