Agility success with Dennis

As you might know the papillon is a very versatile breed. Due to work and dogshows, there is unfortunately not enought time for us to do other dogsports like agility and obedience. Some of our friends though have focused on these sports and are doing very well. Caratoots Complete Checkmate, also called Dennis, lives with Ms Helga Westerlind in Stockholm and is a great agility dog. Their results so far this year (all faultless) are:

May 1st, winning agility class 2, ‘pinne 3’, advance, 4 seconds to the 2nd
May 5th, winning jump class 2, ‘pinne 1’, 5 seconds to the 2nd
May 16th, winning jump class 2, ‘pinne 2’, 6 seconds to 2nd
May 24th, winning jump class 2, ‘pinne 3’, advance, 3 seconds to 2nd

Now they compete in class 3 equipage fulltime, and aim for double championships and Swedish Championship qualification.

We wish both Helga and Dennis best of luck and lots of success in their agility pursuit.