Year 2002 – First Russian exports

Ch Caratoots Complete Charisma was awarded fourteen CAC and eight CACIB during 2002. Not only did she become BOB five times and BOS three times, but she also was awarded Bridge Winner in Denmark and Nordic Winner in Norway. In Gibraltar she gained her Gibraltar Champion title. This was followed by the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Nordic Champion titles during fall 2002.

My phalène Caratoots Celestial Choice entered her first official show in mid May 2002. She got all the CAC’s she needed for her Swedish and Danish Champion title (actually even more than needed; 5), but had to wait for the championship age limit (2 years of age) to receive the titles. Apart from that she become Bridge Winner 2002 in Denmark, and Gibraltar Junior Champion. She was one of the top winning phalène bitches in Sweden. The year 2002 was also a good year for my veteran Ch Caratoots Convince Chantalle. She became BIS Veteran at several shows during the year, and was the second Best Veteran of the year in Sweden.

Show results of Caratoots 2002

2nd place 10
3rd place 4
4th place 3
5th place 1
BOB Veteran 3
BOS Veteran 1
BIG placings 4
BIS placings 3
CAC 19
Champion Titles 6

In the beginning of 2002 Caratoots had an outstanding litter of four puppies (sire Ch Caratoots Captain Courageous, dam Forevr A Pretty Package). The three dogs Caratoots Classy Centerfold, Caratoots Charlemagne’s Crown and Caratoots Continental Cruiser moved to USA. The bitch Caratoots Classic Confidence I kept myself for my future breeding programme. Caratoots Classy Centerfold, now living with Graeme and Elaine Daws of Kennel Kalisse in Washington USA got his Canadian Champion title at the end of 2002.

Later during the year two more litters were born; Caratoots Charming Camelia and Caratoots Countess Cornelia (sire Caratoots Consider Courus and dam Pepstars Primadonna), Caratoots Celestial Coronation and Caratoots Cosmic Commander (sire Reginas Neil Young and dam Caratoots Crystal Charm).

To improve my breeding of phalènes, I during 2002 imported the Multi Champion Safikas Asterix from Denmark. Caratoots Celestial Choice was mated to Ch Safikas Asterix, and produced a litter of two, Caratoots Cardinal Choice and Caratoots Confidential Choice.

I am proud to say that Kennel Caratoots has been the first Swedish kennel to export papillons to Russia. During 2002 I exported Caratoots Countess Cornelia and Caratoots Cosmic Commander to Maria Gorelova in Moscow. Cornelia today is Russian, Lithuanian and Moldovan Junior Champion, and Cosmos is Multi, International, Russian, Moldovan, Lithuanian, Latvian, Belarus and Ukrainian Champion. Two bitches, Caratoots Charming Camelia and Caratoots Celestial Coronation found new homes in Georgia and Texas, USA.